Laptop Battery for Lenovo IdeaPad 310-14IAP 310-14IKB 310-14ISK Series

BRAND: Lenovo

  • Fit for Lenovo IdeaPad 310-14IAP 310-14IKB 310-14ISK Series.
  • This Lenovo IdeaPad 310-14IAP 310-14IKB 310-14IKB 80TU  is 100% Original Lenovo Laptop Battery
  • This is the finest quality Laptop Battery available on the market.
  • It will replace your faulty (original) laptop Battery.
  • This model fits L15C2PB4 Voltage: 7.6V. and useful type to Plug & Play Li-ion Battery.

 5,500  6,000

The new Lenovo battery 310-14IAP will meet all the expected specifications so you can experience a consistent performance out of your laptop. There is no need to worry about the reliability of the product as the replacement Lenovo 310-14IAP Laptop Battery we guaranteed through proper quality assurance processes. It is a perfect replacement battery.

Compatible Battery Part Number
L15M2PB4 L15M2PB2 L15L2PB2(2ICP6/55/90) L15C2PB2 L15L2PB2 5B10K87714 5B10K87722 5B10K87721 L15C2PB4 5B10K87712



  • Manufacturer: Lenovo.
  • Type: Plug & Play Rechargeable Li-ion Battery.
  • Model: L15C2PB4.
  • Voltage: 7.6V.
  • Capacity: 30Wh 4030mAh.
  • Interface: Refer to the picture! Please check it.
  • Color: Black.

Compatible Laptop Model:

  • IdeaPad 310-14IAP
  • IdeaPad 310-14IAP(80TS0003CL)
  • IdeaPad 310-14ISK(80UG)L15L2PB3
  • IdeaPad 310-14ISK(80SL000CPH)
  • IdeaPad 310-14IKB(80TU)
  • IdeaPad 310-14IKB(80TU002SPH)
  • IdeaPad 310-14ISK(80SL)
  • IdeaPad 310-14IKB(80TU0046TA)XIAOXIN 310-14ISK
  • IdeaPad 310-14IKB
    IdeaPad 310-14IKB(80TU003RTA)
  • IdeaPad 310-14IKB(80TU0036MJ)
  • IdeaPad 310-14ISK
  • IdeaPad 310-14IKB(80TU0037MJ)
  • IdeaPad 310-14IKB(80TU005LVN)

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