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Laptop Keyboard By Lenovo 3000C462

MODEL:300 C462

  • We will send a high-quality Lenovo 300 C462 laptop Keyboard compatible with the listed model.
  • This is the finest quality Laptop Keyboard available on the market and it will replace your faulty (original) laptop Keyboard.
  • You can expect an optimum level of performance just like you were experiencing with your original laptop keyboard.
  • The new Lenovo 3000C462 Laptop Keyboard will meet all the specifications so you can experience a consistent performance out of your laptop.

 1,400  1,500

There is no need to worry about the product’s dependability because the replacement Lenovo 3000 C462 Laptop Keyboard we sell has been thoroughly tested. It’s an excellent replacement keyboard, and the price is really reasonable. We’ll give you a high-quality Lenovo 300 C462 laptop keyboard that’s compatible with the model listed.

Lenovo 300 C462 Keyboard Specification:

  • Condition: 100% New.
  • Layout Type: US.
  • Color: Black.
  • Backlit: No.
  • Numpad: Yes.
  • Warranty: 30 Days.

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